Michigan Central Station to Reinvigorate Corktown Neighborhood

A beautiful but decrepit architectural gem, the Michigan Central Station has long been a pointed example of the disintegration of the architecture and infrastructure in Detroit. Its purchase by the Ford Motor Company in 2018 was heralded by the whole city, and residents have been waiting with baited breath to see how its rehabilitation will not only look but help reinvigorate the surrounding Corktown neighborhood. Ford Motor Company has earmarked $350 million dollars for its development, and it will become a beautiful base for their Detroit offices. The company has forecasted it will house 5,000 workers for their electric and autonomous cars will be based out of there once the development is complete. Along with the campus, the surrounding neighborhood will also be seeing drastic improvements as well. Businesses have been pouring into the already trendy neighborhood as of late, and the addition of 5000 additional workers in the area will be sure to draw more. Late last year before the deal was even finalized, Crains Detroit reported a "gold rush" for real estate in the surrounding areas. Both residential and commercial real estate have seen spikes in the area as of late. As usual, at Rondo Investment we greet any news of development outside of the downtown Midtown core. This is just one of many steps the City of Detroit is taking in the right direction, and we are excited to see what else 2019 has to offer. Happy New Year!