Tips to maximize rental property revenue

Vacancies cost you money

An empty house, is a constant drain on your profits, and the longer a rental property sits empty the more it you lose. With Rondo Investment we can minimize the amount of time your rental property is vacant which can help maximize your profits by locating and qualifying tenants for you.

Proper maintenance adds to big savings

It is tempting to let the little things slip by often leading to larger problems, However regular maintenance and timely repairs can keep a small leak from turning to to black mold. Our experienced maintenance professionals can keep your rental property profitable and safe all day any day.

Collect that rent

If you're not getting paid then your property might as well be vacant. We know collecting rent can be difficult, sometimes its tough to be the “bad guy” but it has to be done. When Rondo Investment manages your property you don't have to worry about collecting, we manage that for you.

Check on your vacant property

Vacancies do happen, but during these vacant times you can't forget about your investment. We can help you check on your vacant property and discover any vandalism, trespassing, or other security issues which can put your investment property at risk.

Walk through assessments

Sometimes having another set of eyes can reveal both potential additional profits and possible hidden costs. The experienced staff at Rondo Investment know the market and have the essential “know how” to properly assess your detroit rental property and ensure the highest rental potential.

Let Rondo Investment manage your property

Perhaps the best tip we can offer is to let us manage that detroit rental property. We know the market, we have the right tools for the job, and more importantly, we are very good at it. I know that sounds like boasting, and it is, but its true. We have been doing this for a very long time and we know how to get the highest profits from your detroit investment property.