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Detroit Real Estate Investment FirmWelcome to Rondo Invesments new real estate investment blog, a new home for quality Metro Detroit real estate investment, and property management information. This being our first blog entry I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Rondo Investment, and discuss a few of the topics which we will be covering in the upcoming months.

We at Rondo investment have over 25 years of experience managing properties all over Southeast michigan with offices in eastern metro detroit as well as the western metro detroit area. We take pride in ensuring both the tenants and owners are taken care of managing everything from emergency 24 hour property maintenance for the tenants to managing rent collections for the owners.

If you're looking to rent or buy a home in southeast Michigan we have the experienced staff to help you find the perfect property as either a real estate investment opportunity or as a home for your family to enjoy for years.

Detroit Real Estate Investment FirmIf you're an owner looking to invest feel assured that our in depth knowledge of the Metro Detroit area gives us the experience and the knowledge to ensure your property investment see’s the highest “return on investment” available to you, while reducing the burden that can come with being a landlord.

We strive to make your property investment in metro Detroit as profitable and hassle free as possible through our various property management services. Now offer this blog in the hopes that it will help, by working as a hub of advice for anyone interested in investing in Detroit properties. Over the coming months we hope to discuss such topics ranging from “How to make Money with your Property investments” to “Cutting the costs of your utility bills”. In short, if we think of a topic that can help you, we will be sure to report on it!

If you have any questions, or are ready to start investing in Detroit real estate, contact Rondo Investment today.